What is Physiotherapy?

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Benefits of Physiotherapy:

Imogen is qualified to assess and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological pathologies in animals. Physiotherapy is beneficial in a number of cases; to maintain a good quality of life and avoid injury, for working, competition or racing animals or to rehabilitate those post-operatively.

Clinical benefits of Physiotherapy include:
Reduced pain.
Reduced swelling.
Reduced muscle spasm.
Improved healing.
Increased range of motion.
Enhancement and restoration of function.
Optimised performance.

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Common Conditions Treated with Physiotherapy:

Below is a list of common orthopaedic and neurological pathologies, typically treated with physiotherapy alongside conventional veterinary medicine.

This list is not exhaustive, please do not hesitate to Contact Us to see if we can assist your pet.


Hip dysplasia.
Elbow dysplasia.
Osteochondrosis Dissecans.
Patella luxation.
Limb deformities.
Fibrocartilaginous Embolism.
Soft tissue injuries.
Neurological deficits.
Intervertebral Disc Disease. Osteoarthritis.
Injury prevention and performance.

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Sacroiliac disease.
Soft tissue injury: Muscle strain. Myopathy.
Atrophy (Muscle wastage).
Impinging DSP’s – Conservative management and post-operative rehabilitation.
Tendon and ligament injuries. Neurological deficit.
Injury prevention and performance enhancement.

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